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    Vibrotech Vibrating Sieves

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    Vibrotech Laboratory

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    Vibrotech Headquarter

    Iron Removal Systems and Sieving Machines Vibrotech

    Sieving and Iron Removing

    Vibrotech is specialized in the production of vibrating sieves and iron removal systems of maximum qualitative excellence, including:

    • Circular and Rectangular Sieving Machines
    • Magnetic and Electromagnetic Iron Removal Systems
    • Trolley Units and Space-Saving Solutions
    • Filters and Meshes
    • Complements and Accessories

    We always offer custom solutions tailored on your specific business, productive and space needs.

    Certech Group

    Certech Group has more than 40 years of success as European ceramic machinery and equipment manufacturer. Vibrotech is part of Certech Group since 2016 and fully shares its philosophy: offering only innovative solutions, with focus on every detail and no compromises.

    Together, we have become one of the major manufacturer of the most versatile vibrating sieves and iron removal systems in the world.

    Our People

    Our new production plant of 3.500 m2 is the house of a team with decades of experience. Each one of them is the heart of a made to measure technical and commercial assistance service, supported by an extensive network of offices around the globe: USA, Mexico, Spain and more.

    Thanks to the Technical Management of Marco Brighenti, new products will soon enrich the already wide range of iron removal and vibrating sieve machines, on the path to production optimization and energy saving.

    Last but not least, the Technical-Commercial team led by Ivan Bondani will be at your side to give birth to a mutual and strong collaboration.




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